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You experience something very unique with us. We work to understand all parts of the building design and the intended function. Success demands that all parts work well together. The experience starts with listening, creative thinking and interactive design. Results are clear – a coordinated, practical yet innovative solution. “You experience our experience”. Design for us is a “design to build approach”. Our past experiences enable us to best identify your project’s specific needs. With our knowledge we are learning your project’s needs – not learning from your project’s needs. “Our experience is your experience”.


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Engineering Services

Rochaverra LLC provides a wide variety of engineering services for governmental, industrial and commercial owners. Our fundamental business strategy is building long-term client relationships. Whether you need Traffic Engineering, Site Development, or Construction Management, we have very talented team of experienced engineers and technicians to handle our clients engineering needs. Clients choose Rochaverra because of highly professional staff that delivers promised services on time with the best possible quality.

Services that Rochaverra LLC provides:  

▲Planning and Design

▲Construction Management

▲Traffic Engineering

▲Feasibility Studies

▲Program Management

▲Construction Engineering and Inspection

▲Site Development and Engineering

▲Environmental Assessment

▲ Information Technology - New!


       Standing Together

The evolving reality of COVID-19 is one we are facing virtually together(and physically at a social distance). Our company has a deep belief in being the best we can for people - you, our employees, and everyone we work around.


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